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The City

WASTED WATER  Water Brochure

One of our highest expenses each month is our JEA water bill—much of it for wasted water.  We use well water for landscaping irrigation, the pool, and outdoor needs.  Owners must monitor their water usage:  maintain toilets, faucets, washing machine and ice maker lines.  And, don’t forget toilet seals and drains!  Owners have spent thousands of dollars repairing chronic water leak damage.  Owners are responsible for water damage caused to a building from chronic leaks and may be liable for damages to other units.  

2015 AUDIT  The Alexandria Audit 2015

The Alexandria’s financial year runs from September 1 to August 31.  Each year our financials are audited by an independent CPA.  Here is our latest report.  As you can see, our financials are very healthy and we significantly fund our reserves each year.